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02-27-2012, 06:36 PM
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Skates go in front, in the Skate pocket.

In the left side compartment, I put my socks on the bottom, and then my goves on top.

In the right side compartment, I put my water bottle, my jock shorts (in a plastic baggie so they don't touch my other stuff), my mouthgaurd, a lock (for the dressing room), and my tape.

In the main part of my bag, the jerseys go down first, then my helmet on the right bottom, my elbow pads on the left bottom, my shoulder pads in between the helmet and elbow pads, my pants on top of that, and my shin pads on the very top.

Everything goes in direction oriented too, and the same way every time.

I'm kinda OCD about my bag, my buddy packed it one time, and it was all wrong, and I almost flipped.

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