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02-27-2012, 07:50 PM
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Who is more in the wrong?

Before I tell what happened I'll describe the way the "league" I play in on Saturdays works.

There's about 20 "Regular" players, and about 20-30 "Spares", when a regular can't go, he calls the guy in charge and the guy in charge calls a spare. then he gives a list of all the players playing to our scorekeeper/statskeeper and that guy makes the teams each week, so it's different every week.

So anyways, this past saturday, my team is up 13 - 7 with about 10 minutes left (we play for 90 minutes) and I'm covering for my defenseman when an opposing player gets a breakaway. I pride myself on playing good defensively when I'm on the ice, whether I'm a forward or a defenceman, so I skate hard and dive out to knock the puck away from him. I knocked the puck away, and also partially took out his feet from under him. I'm 95% sure I got the puck first, and there was no penalty called on the play so It wasn't a dirty play in my eyes. He wen't sliding into the boards on his knees, and we cleared the puck. On his way out of our zone he starts yelling at me, and saying "What do you think you're doing!?!?" and "That's how guys get hurt!!" and stuff like that. I apologized to him after the game, but he wouldn't speak to me at all.

We ended up winning 15 - 8, so it wouldn't have affected the score to just let him have the breakaway, but I would have felt bad with myself for giving up on that play.

Who's in the wrong here? Should I have just given up on the play?

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