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Originally Posted by Joey Moss View Post
So I've never tried this before but I have an SE16 that is chipped up pretty badly and I'd like to spray paint the shaft of it white, simply for looks. I've heard that sometimes the paint can become sticky and wear out your gloves or color the palm of the gloves. I'd like to get some insight on this before I try it so that I don't regret it. Does anyone have any tips as for the following:

What kind of spray paint to use?
How often I should apply the spray paint and how long to let it dry?
Should I take off the original paint job from the stick?
Is their anything I can do to prevent the paint chipping off?

All help appreciated.
- Any spray paint could do the trick

- Spray in light coats, letting it tack up with a couple minutes between coats. Whichever paint you choose ought to tell you to wait 5-10 minutes or whatever between coats. Be sure to beginning spraying off of the stick, then moving the paint stream onto it so you don't get heavy runs.

- Not necessary but it would be a good idea to scuff it up for better adhesion for your new paint

- Add a clear coat which should help with both keeping it from chipping and giving it a slicker feel. For a smoother clear coat, hit it once lightly, sand it down with a high-grit sandpaper, repeat as necessary. Don't sand too hard to get through the clear and into the actual color, though.

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