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01-29-2006, 08:51 AM
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a few observations after a disappointing loss;

..columbus is just flat out not a very good hockey team. when you're in a fight for points in the conference losing to a team heading nowhere hurts.
..i'd almost rather have lost twice to detroit than to two non-playoff caliber teams the next two games. well ok, i hadn't but still.
..even strength we stunk up the joint. looked like we were simply stalling and waiting to score on the pp.
..the 4th line played a solid game. hordichuk was a monster out there(his 6 hits in 7 minutes of icetime were the highest number of hits we've had this year in any game, and two of those were bonecrushing ones), nichol played well... this unit drew three of those pp we had two with their aggresive play while taking none, and had a strong forecheck going every shift almost, just what kind of stuff you expect out of our 4th line.... notice stevenson was scratched.
.. i agree with nomore. fiddler was bad out there tonight. taking that bad first penalty where they scored their pp goal. terrible passes all night. no shots on net. then gets outfought for the puck down low and cann't make a clear with the game on the line behind our goalline and they score the winner.
..all three top lines weren't clicking. the passing just wasn't there. seems like many fans get even strength performance confused with powerplay performance when i read on here, and they are really almost two seperate games. even strength tonight, our centers did nothing to help us, but they rarely do without a man advantage.
..walker looks, well different. he still looks much slower than in the past, always just a step behind the play. very little touch on his passes (either too far or too soft). not much fight in him, mainly because he's a step slow and cann't get there in time to fight for the puck,you can really see it on the pk, where he's half the forechecker threat he always has been. i'm really hoping this is a still getting in game shape thing, but it's beginning to worry me.
..any time we play a team that tries to run a compact box on the penalty kill and plays with little pressure out on the halfboards or point and gives us time to pass the puck around...well we will kill them on the pp... we probably should have scored 5 pp goals against columbus tonight. their pk was passive and weak. pitiful is it that we've allowed 5 shorthanded goals to columbus this year?!?.. 5 in 6 games ?!?.. shows what a weak area this has been for us all year. they've only had 7 and 5 of them are against us. that one, like so many shorthanded goals tend to do, changed the game. we were on the verge of blowiing this game open until that shortie.
...yes perreault's goal should have counted. yes vyborny's first goal was pure luck, off his skate off the post. but those are just hockey.
..i'm sure vokoun wishes he had that shorthanded shot back. not even a strong wrister thru timonen's legs, tips off him, then tips off vokoun. weak, backbreaking goal and play there.

i wish we had the ability to take these two last games against non-playoff type teams back. tough schedule remaining now with four games of our next six against the two best teams in the conference, with three of the four on the road. we're all going to wish we had at least two of these past four points before the break

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