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Originally Posted by ponder View Post
Re: the second article, it was a house league game with 11 and 12 year olds, the stakes were literally NOTHING. The fact that a coach and a parent were verbally abusing a 13 year old ref is disgraceful, grow up and get a life!

At all levels of hockey I've played at I've always been embarrassed by the amount of *****ing and whining about refs. The only types of ref I've ever had an issue with are the ones who clearly just want to go home, and will blatantly not call penalties, icings, or even offsides because they just want the game to be over ASAP. The vast, vast majority of refs, though, are reasonably professional, just calling the game as they see it, and trying to do their best. They'll make the odd mistakes, but hockey is a fast sport, it happens, and any bad calls will even out over the course of a season. People need to sack up and stop whining about refs, at ALL levels of hockey. Hockey is supposed to be a man's sport, but when it comes to refs, I swear about 50% of hockey players act like whiny little 12 year old girls.
Totally agree with you. The vast majority do a great job. Nothing worse than seeing a ref get screamed at by a bunch of crazy coaches/parents. Parents and coaches need to relax and put everything in perspective. I've seen coaches flip out over off-sides. All of it is embarassing.

The one thing that needs to be done though at many organizations is listen to the feedback. Too many times, complaints by many go ignored and only when there is a huge blowout confrontation is something done by the head of officiating and most of the time the coaches are the one's being looked at.

In the many years I have been involved in coaching there have been two refs who did not deserve to hold the position in my area. Both had received complaint after complaint but nothing done other than the promise by the head of not using them for "important" "older aged" tournaments. I'm sure it is hard to give someone their walking papers in this kind of situation but just as there are coaches who are removed to not coach again, there are refs that need the same fate.

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