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02-27-2012, 08:04 PM
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This is tricky, because no one could be 'wrong' here; that simply depends on the outcome of the play.

Your first decision was to dive and pokecheck. This could lead to one of 3 scenarios : a clean play where you touch the puck first and no injury occurs, a penalty for taking out the body before the puck and finally, an injury.

If it was the first scenario, you should be fine, no harm done and a good play. If the second, then you will rightfully get called on it and no harm done. However if you injure the guy (doesn't matter if it was a penalty or not), everything will be for naught and you could be blamed for causing injury in a meaningless play, as it was simply your intent to dive that triggered everything. The results are often out of your control once you aim for the puck, contact or no.

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