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Originally Posted by sanityplease View Post
It's not only about gear, also about how they play, virtually every guy I've seen play with yellow laces, tinted/mirrored visor (there's actually a real bender in my league who's gear is exactly like ovi's, before he switched to bauer ) are poor players who sit/hover @ the oppositions blueline looking for the breakaway pass. If someone's trying to stand out from the team & look like an egocentric star, it says a lot about their personality.
I'll give you that one. I would probably call the puck hog/ringer/duster something not so nice as well lol. I was referring more to the guy whose got decent skill, not the worst guy on the team, but one of the better players but in no way goes around parading he's all that because he wears yellow laces or a tinted visor.

I may be a little different from most people in the sense that if the guy isn't a d**che, stuff like what he wears isn't going to affect my opinion of him. I know when i bought the tinted visor I simply bought it because I thought it looked cool. I was never the most talented guy on my team, but among the better players. I never went around hotdoggin' it but if what I wore pissed people then so be it. I guess you have to have thick skin to stand out, or have some skill to back it up. Luckily I had a decent amount of both lol

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