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Originally Posted by Qui Gon Dave View Post
As a Habs fan joining the Preds bandwagon, I'd like to ask a few questions which might be asked by a LOT of Habs fans. This could save a lot of time at a later date when more people join the party and ease them into the Preds team. These are typically all key issues to Habs fans -snip-
The first five questions were hilarious

As for the serious questions, there are chants the crowd will do at certain points throughout the game. If you watch you will hear them. Some of them can be found here:

As gopreds said, our own take on the Detroit octopus tradition is the catfish toss. It doesn't have to be during the play offs. It can be whenever someone happens to bring along a catfish

It started off as a spontaneous thing during a game against the Blues that ended up clinching a play off spot. Now it's done all of the time. The TV Timeout Standing Ovation. Here is video of that: (that is the very first one, in fact). Keep an eye out during the third period of a home game. You might just catch the tail end of one coming back from commercials. (I saw an awesome picture in the Tennessean of Radulov outside of the circle near the glass, standing, waiting for the time out to end, and completely mesmerized by the crowd

As for board traditions, the GDT thing has been mentioned, but we are a superstitious bunch. If you see the initialism "TPCR" it stands for Tilt. Pour. Consume. Repeat. It means you grab whatever alcoholic beverage you happen to enjoy (or have handy), tilt it, pour it into your mouth, consume it, and repeat. Most of us try to keep that to emergency use only, but some don't seem to mind using it to try and go from a 3 goal lead to a 4 goal lead

Several players can do small things well without being recognized, but for the sake of keeping any one of numerous popular debates out of this thread I'm going to decline to answer this one and just let you guys figure it out

We have a healthy dislike for the Ducks, the Canucks, the Blues, some of us hate the Blue Jackets, some of us hate the Stars and the Sharks and Wild, et al. Detroit is constant. Anaheim is constant. Vancouver is constant. St Louis is constant.

My vote for greatest name in Predator history has to be Legwand. If you think about what that name could mean it's hilarious

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