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02-27-2012, 10:42 PM
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Originally Posted by y2kcanucks View Post
What really upsets me is what will end up happening: our team will get bounced in the second round. We won't score much but Luongo will be blamed and run out of town. Our team will slowly crumble and we'll be back to where we were when Gillis was hired. It'll get blown off as a typical cycle and we'll repeat. That's what we've come to expect after these 40 years.
Oh cry me a river. Luongo gets too much blame, yes, but you're being melodramatic.

We don't get Pahlsson and Kesler has to go on shut down role. Simple as that. Malhotra isn't the center he was last year. And instead of realizing that Kesler has to play defense, we'll ***** that he doesn't do anything offensively like we have all year. Why? Because Kesler has had to play the role of a 3C as well. A 3C NEEDS to be able to have a sound defensive game. That includes back checking, fore checking and faceoffs. I love Cody as much as everyone else, but you've got to be realistic. Hodgson would get shut down by Bolland in the post season.

Hodgson wasn't going to score all the goals in all the series to win us a cup. Sorry. He's done nothing to show he will, and assuming he will is just as stupid as saying that Kassian is nothing more than an overhyped goon.

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