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02-27-2012, 10:48 PM
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Originally Posted by smoneil View Post
I make the assumption that it's all about the hold-out because it's the only thing that makes sense (and plenty of people in the other Dubinsky threads bring that holdout up ad nauseam). The "here's how I justify this view" arguments just never make any sense.

For example, like many, you revert to calling Dubinsky a 4 million dollar 3rd liner as if he's never going to get back to the player we've seen for the last 4 years. Use your head--if, as is very likely, this is just a down year and Dubinsky goes back to his 50+ point production next season, he's worth every penny. That's the point others have been trying to make with you. Fans on this board always want to throw away players because of a down year.

If people had a consistent reason for wanting to move a player, it'd at least make sense. The people who didn't like Avery--I got it. They thought he was too much of a distraction. The people who wanted Wolski moved--I got it. He didn't fit the system. The people who keep bleating about how we have to move Dubinsky--I don't get it. Their reasons keep changing at the drop of a hat. Even before this year you would see it. He'd get points, but people didn't like HOW he was getting his points. There is a visceral irrational hatred of the player rather than the player's game (see the guy who, in one of the Nash trade threads, wrote something like "great, now we're still stuck with Dubinsky"). It's absurd.

Moving Dubinsky in the offseason is bad asset management. We don't know how the prospects are going to produce at an NHL level. There is no financial need to move his contract (with Wolski, a couple million from Drury's buyout and Fedotenko all off the books, there is plenty of space to sign Parise if he wants to come here). Dubinsky's trade value will also be at an all-time low after his down season.

It makes far more sense to let next season develop. If all of the things you see happening actually happen (Kreider, Parise, etc), then Dubinsky (likely after returning back to his regular production) is a much more valuable chip to play at the 2013 trade deadline.

Frankly, if Parise is signed, I think the team gives some serious thought to moving Anisimov rather than Dubinsky. If Parise is signed and Kreider is what we hope he is, then that would give the team its LW's for the top 3 lines. Given the choice between AA and Dubi for 3rd line center, I think you have to go with Dubi if you can afford it (and at least in the short term, I think you can). Dubi is the better penalty killer and he can actually win faceoffs. When the 2013 RFA's need to be paid, you can always think about replacing Dubinsky with someone like Miller.

I don't have any problem with the idea of moving Dubinsky. I just don't think it makes any hockey sense to do it now just for the hell of it.
Who's doing it for the hell of it? I'm suggesting it so that we get cap relief and a return at the same time.

Anisimov isn't going to get a 4 + mill contract in his next extension.

For a player making that amount of money you look for slightly more consistency than what he's had in years past and especially this year.

You criticize me for making IF assumptions... what's to say he comes back to be the player that you hope? How about this... Dubinsky, in each of the past 4 seasons, has played as a part of the 1st line. He has received more minutes, and been looked to by his team mates to take more shots and be a bigger source of offensive production... simply because the Rangers had little-no offensive talent during those years. Now with the success of our top 2 lines, what's to say that Dubinsky cracks either of the 2 to get those minutes and that type of role again? Let's say we don't sign Parise, let's say that Kreider isn't what we think he's gonna be, why should Torts take Hagelin off of that 2nd line the way he's playing? What's is to say that Dubinsky will ever play on those top 2 lines (on a consistent basis) ever again? Isn't that presumptuous on your part as well? If he remains on the 3rd line, which he probably will because of his inconsistent play, his role won't be as a goal scorer, it will be as the heart and grinding soul of this team, which we can find for a lot cheaper than 4.2 million dollars on the cap a year.

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