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02-27-2012, 11:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Braden Carlzner View Post
I don't see through the same eyes as GMs. Its not "easy" to notice when someone is streaky bad at defense like Wideman is. Its up to interpretation, and mine is that he is not good at D and we sure as hell shouldn't resign him, especially when we don't need him.

Kaberle had accomplishments from previous years, but he was bad last year. Wideman was an all-star and a top defensive scorer. Both matter equally.
these guys have books on them.....scouts, coaches, players....they know them and know them pretty well, better than us. Youre right.....he isnt good on D. Turns the puck over too often and in just braindead ways.....people around the league know this player. Again...Caps are his 4th team

Kaberle wasnt bad last season, nice try though. He might not have been having his best season but he wasnt "bad".

do you really think Wideman being the Caps rep at the all-star game trumps everything else? You must because you keep trumpeting that. Teams dont just erase all the data/scouting they have on a guy because he made an all-star game all of a sudden

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