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02-27-2012, 11:04 PM
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Originally Posted by leesmith View Post
It's a good thing that rookies just can't come to the big club and feel entitled to ice time because of their draft position anymore. That said, the Carter, Vermette and Pahlsson trades clear the way for Brassard, RyJo and Letestu to show what they have.
I've seen a few people harp this but it's a load of BS and has absolutely nothing to do with it. Atkinson just got called up and played on the 2nd line. Atkinson started the season on the 2nd line. Gillies a veteran of barely over 1 season came in and got put on the 2nd line. Vermette and Umberger are guys that have both been awful yet they have been given 2nd line duties all season.

There isn't any of this entitled bs, it's just incompetence by a coaching staff. If you aren't going to play him on the 2nd line that is fine, but to not play him at the position you drafted him at, at all this season? That screams idiocy. Why keep him if you aren't going to even make an attempt to develop him the right way. Rookies aren't entitled to playing time based on draft status is fine and dandy, but veterans who aren't producing should be? my god...

Johansen has looked absolutely terrible since the all-star game and I don't think it has anything to do with him, I think it has everything to do with the position the coach is putting him in on a nightly basis. When he finally gets a shot to play he looks like he's out there afraid to make mistakes. Every time he touches the puck it's off of his stick within seconds because of this. 3 points since Richards took over, that should say a lot about this head coach, this franchise is successfully screwing over the 2nd best prospect not in the NHL from just a season ago. You can't use the Boston model if the rookie can't learn from the press box by watching a bunch of clowns on the ice.

Originally Posted by Doctor Spin View Post
(I posted this on Friday's GDT)

Re: #19

For what it's worth, my son and I spent the whole game last night, really focused on Johansen's shifts with particular emphasis on his conditioning. As the game moved on, it was clear that this kid is just not in NHL shape. Particularly starting in the mid-point (around 20 seconds of each shift), his crispness and form start really slipping and he really doesn't look like he is up to handling the defensive responsibilities of a second-line center.

You can contrast this to Gilles and Mac who seem to be much more together during all of their 4th line minutes. I know this stings for the kid and those of us with front-line savior hopes for his year, but Richards may be doing the right thing by limiting his time this year and saving us from Bruleing yet another prospect.

I'm not advocating sending him back to junior to play with kids his age, but easing him into the grownup league seems a lot more consistent with where his physical development is today. FWIW
I agree he looked tired last game, but I disagree with your overall message. Yeah he did look gassed last night, but I've never seen him look like that in other games. Sure he will get gassed from time to time, but generally he is able to skate up and down the ice fine with the exception of the shifts where he still tends to get caught out to long.

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