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02-27-2012, 11:14 PM
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Originally Posted by the8bandarmadillo View Post
So is GMCF fine with our defense the way it is? Possibly throw some money at Suter but shrug it off if it doesn't work. Ick.
That's for him to know and for us to find out. But Prosser isn't going anywhere. I'm not thrilled about the 1-way deal, because he's been questionable lately......but he's been better than a lot of the other goofs we've had out there so...............

All I want is defensemen who don't get trapped all freaking day in their own end, and that's what the moves have been about. Finding defensemen who can get the puck out of dodge! This isn't the final product. Still a lot of work to do. This team may not be rebuilding, but it's trying to change its identity, and that takes time and a ****load of frustration. But it's part of the game.

Originally Posted by Fel 96 View Post
I thought our 6 D-men combined have a total of 6,5M cap hit or something around as of right now.

Is it right?

If so, looking forward for the off-season...
I haven't looked it up, but those are the numbers that I've been coming across. We have one of the cheapest bluelines in the league. Tons of money to spend this summer, and then consider next summer as well. Doesn't Parrish's contract come off the books. And if we don't keep Backstrom, that's more right there....and if Butch retires. We have many options.

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