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Originally Posted by SAvery16 View Post

The only Baltimore team I have alliegience to is the Orioles. I'm a neutral observer and there are pros and cons when comparing the two cities.

For a Sunday football experience Baltimore blows DC out of the water. The bars are packed with beautiful girls, and the city is decked out in purple.

In DC you walk into a bar and there are packs.... PACKS of out of state Cowboy fans.. I can't imagine a worse crowd than Cowboy fans who aren't even from Texas...

DC nightlife isn't better than Baltimore, but the crowd definitely is. Baltimore has some cool venues/neighborhoods (Fed Hill, Mt Vernon, Canton Square, Power Plant, Fells Point, etc..) All DC really has is Adams Morgan and Georgetown....

Problem with Baltimore is that it is townie as ****--A lot of large girl/guy groups makes it really difficult to socialize...

In DC everyone is from out of town, and its not hard to meet a girl at a bar and hit it off...

Traffic blows in both cities, and both areas are ghetto as **** outside of a few places.
Unless you are Prince or Barney the Dinosaur I don't see anything being decked out in purple as a good thing. As for bars filled with girls, Baltimore can't hold a candle to Annapolis.

DC has embraced its storied history and built upon it with the monuments and the museums, Baltimore has taken its storied history and crapped upon it. End of story.

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