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02-27-2012, 11:34 PM
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Originally Posted by the8bandarmadillo View Post
SEL doesn't compare to the AHL. As well Scandella is what? 22 now? Larsson is 18. Big different as well.

No but Schultz provided a more reliable defenseman than what we have right now.

What I said in another thread; we replaced Zidlicky with a guy that plays worse defense than him. We replaced Zanon...with...who knows what. And we replaced Schultz with a guy that came into the league with a worse defense than us.

And we're suppose to go, yup. Our defense is getting better because we replaced two guys with players that are worse than they are?
Worse at certain things, better at certain things. Gilbert has defensive gaffes and contributes offense; Schultz has defensive gaffes and doesn't contribute offense. Right now I'll take the former. And before you say "defensemen should play defense first", you just used Karlsson as an example of what sets Ottawa apart from us; a very offensive defenseman with questionable defense (and no, I'm not comparing Gilbert to Karlsson).

Didn't you say in another thread, that GMCF should "stick to doing what he does best", which is drafting, and refrain from making trades? Now you want him to make trades? Which is it?

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