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01-29-2006, 05:12 PM
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Originally Posted by topcorner
What are the top three one piece composite stick in the market, consider the performance, durability, weight and very important $$$.[/QUOTE

you have a plethora of decisions here. Personally I don't snap to many shafts and blades are usually briken by a well place slash.

FOr a lite weight stick look into
Mission or Easton (they are both the heavy weights of lightness) somewhere is the 390- 340 grams .
They also both have a rubberized shaft (Composites tend to be a little more slippery than wood).

I use a Bauer wich is heavier around 420 grams.

Personally I would not but a 1 peice , since if the blade breaks or you don't like the lie or curve your sorta stuck. I buy a 2 peice for a little less money $100-$150 and try a few blades till I find a pattern I like than buy those in bulk (well 2 or 3 at a time).

Remember for most composite 1 peice sticks.. The moment you use it on the ice the warrente is expired (though if it is truly a manufactures issue, you might be able to get a replacement. This requires you buy a replacement and send you old stick in , then follow up with the manufacterer).

In the end go to you local skate shop, find a stick you like and buy it on EBAY :-D

You post is full of errors and the last sentence is the reason that local hockey shops close. You are a pretty ignorant person. To be honest I wouldnt even want you in my shop.

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