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02-27-2012, 11:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Mothra View Post
I didnt ask you to justify or if they were possible...I asked if you would make those trades.

people keep pointing to lesser trades for D, use some sort of crazy math, then produce the result of 1st or 1st+...or my fave, 1st ++ when talking about Wideman.

if SJ had moved Dan Boyle (for example) for that kind of return then I think you guys may have something....a team giving up a lot for an offensive minded D.

The logic that if lesser player (Oduya) netted a 2nd/3rd then cleary that means a team would have given up a much bigger package for Wideman doesnt work.

maybe....just maybe playoff bound teams didnt want to give up that much for a skilled but poor defensive player, who is a pending UFA, for a playoff run...especailly when they could add depth for a much smalled price
Asking whether I personally would've made those trades is pretty irrelevant because, among other things, I would've probably sold off Green, which should tell you what I think about highly paid offensive defensemen that are prone to making blunders on defense. But hey, the Caps seem to be holding on to Green just fine, so that tells me at least some NHL GMs can be quite fond of players that I'd run away from. Incidentally, the other trades I can see myself making no problem if I were the GM of certain teams.

As far as making inferences based on other deals, nobody says it's an exact science, but it's certainly supporting evidence. Kaberle got a 1st + very good prospect (+ conditional). In a seller's market, after a very good offensive year, I don't see how Wideman would be worth so much less so as to get not even half of that.

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