Thread: Confirmed with Link: Paul Gaustad + 4th to Nashville for 1st
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02-28-2012, 01:05 AM
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Originally Posted by I Will Son View Post
Hes 6'5, wins faceoffs, sticks up for his temmates, pots 20 more pts a year than Smithson, is a beast on PK and defense.

He is what we lacked last year, no one could shut down Kesler. he sure as hell is going to help. He is filling a hole we needed to fill and to fill it we had to overpay for him. Fine by me, because I want the cup and obviously Poile wants to win it to.

If you dont see the positives from this deal than I question your knowledge.

Would you rather have Gaustad (A big shutdown Center for the postseason) or a 1st round pick that wont have an effect for 3 years for this cup run?
Definitely an overpayment, but everything you said is true. He also is pretty solid at bein a PITA when he puts his big body in front of the opposing team's goalie. Great at screening. Most Sabres fans loved havin him on the team. I know I did. What it comes down to, is Poile is taking a risk to try and win now, because he isnt sure if the core will be there after. Its a calculated risk. It may hurt your team in the future, but right now you made your team much better. I know I'll be rootin for you guys if my Sabres dont make it to the playoffs. Good luck!

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