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02-28-2012, 01:57 AM
Everyone! PANIC!
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Originally Posted by powerplay33 View Post
How can these guys play offense when the puck is in their own zone for 30 of the 45 seconds of their shift?
Maybe the offense should help chip in and pass the puck out of the zone and generate you know some changes.

The team struggles offensively as it spends a lot of zone time in the D-Zone with no one to be able to get the puck moving north and create flow and chances.
This team struggles offensively and has struggled offensively because we have no offense. Forward, defense. But you don't throw everything out just because you can't get one guy to move the puck from the blueline.

To know Minnesota hockey you need to know this;

1) Any forward coming in will not shoot the puck
2) Any opposing forward will always have a welcome home in front of the crease
3) Any defenseman that can't score is automatically a scapegoat.

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