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02-28-2012, 02:25 AM
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Originally Posted by the8bandarmadillo View Post
Maybe the offense should help chip in and pass the puck out of the zone and generate you know some changes.

This team struggles offensively and has struggled offensively because we have no offense. Forward, defense. But you don't throw everything out just because you can't get one guy to move the puck from the blueline.

To know Minnesota hockey you need to know this;

1) Any forward coming in will not shoot the puck
2) Any opposing forward will always have a welcome home in front of the crease
3) Any defenseman that can't score is automatically a scapegoat.
With (1), I disagree. There are just as many times where the Wild lose an offensive opportunity by shooting when they had a much better cycling opportunity. Look at all the times on the PP when, say, Cullen takes a garbage shot from outside the circles that the goalie handles very easily, leading to a clear or a face off and half the PP time getting wasted.

(2) is absolutely true.

As for (3), I could give a rat's ass about points from the blue line (though a scoring threat from the point does make the forwards harder to defend). I just want the D to keep the puck out of the net and make sure that we maintain possession when breaking out of our zone and through neutral ice.

The real problem, and the thing I think is most iconic of Wild hockey, is what I call "dump and watch" hockey. Sometimes it's the D throwing it out to neutral ice for a quick change instead of facilitating a change while maintaining possession. Other times it's the forwards being incredibly lazy on the forecheck and just watching the other guys retrieve it. And sometimes it's the D and backcheckers' fault for sucking at recovering the puck and forcing the forwards to throw it in and change the moment they hit the red line. But for years now all of them have ruined this team's ability to maintain offensive pressure.

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