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02-28-2012, 04:08 AM
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Sending Gomez to Europe is probably a lot easier said than done.

First you need a team to take him.
While he'd be a servicable to good/very good player in most european leagues, he isn't a household name anymore.
Huet, on the other hand, is french and had already had success in the Swiss League, making him a marketable name on a different level than Gomez.
Still, I think you could find a team in one of the european leagues that would take Gomez, but Molson would still have to pay a good chunk of his salary.

Secondly, I would think that just about any league in Europe requires a contract between the player and the team.
Would Gomez sign in Europe?
Maybe, maybe not. Habs could always strong arm to sign, but do anyone really think the Habs would do that?

Bottom line is, why bother trying sending Gomez to Europe when he is easily demoted to the AHL?

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