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02-28-2012, 07:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Qui Gon Dave View Post
Thank you very much to everyone who has answered so far.

As far as rivalries are concerned, I'm fine with most of the ones stated. Only issue is with more Habs fans coming over here from now on, you may find a little Duck love on your board. Never really been a big fan of them myself but our captain (yes, he is still our captain and he will always be) Saku plays for them and I think most of the Habs fanbase still wants to see him succeed. Hopefully that success doesn't come at the expense of the Preds. But I'm completely on board with the Perry is a POS thing and disliking the other Ducks (except maybe Selanne). I also have a soft spot for the Blues (watched Halak and D'Agostini work their way up through the AHL) and to a lesser extent the Wild. Don't care much for Columbus, Dallas, San Jose or Detroit (although Datsyuk is all kinds of fun to watch). Chicago can be fun to watch at times but outside of a couple of their players I'm not that fussed about them. I supported the Canucks in the finals last year but that was more because of a total and utter hatred of Boston so I hope that can be forgiven

I knew about a couple of the traditions (catfish, Tootoo whistles) but the standing ovation was a new one on me. The video posted was a cool sight to see, nice that it came about spontaneously and has managed to stick. I love the chants as well, one of the things I like about being a Habs fan is we aren't afraid to make some noise at a game and have fun with it. As a football/soccer fan (Everton thanks USA for Tim Howard, Landon Donovan, Brian McBride, not so much Joe Max Moore) I've heard a few good chants and if you ever need an angry one to direct at Rooney, let me know

@ predwings: you mentioned goal songs as a tradition. Does each player have their own goal song or something?

There have definately been some great Preds surnames, personally, in a world of iPads and eMails, I love the idea of an eRat. The Preds promotions team could send them out to fans. They could get onto your computer, chew through things in your recycle bin and then 'leave a little message' on your desktop. The message could be 15% off tickets in March, just quote this reference

@ PekkaRinneUK35: Have you got GCL or do you just find streams wherever you can? And if you get a chance to go to a game, do so. I went to the NHL Premiere game in London at the O2 a few years back, only NHL game I've been to but it was awesome. Would love to take in some games in Montreal at some point.
Big fan of Howard myself, saw him play at Old Trafford a few years ago and he was brilliant, always thought he was shown the door far too prematurely by Sir Alex, same with Phil Neville actually. Havent got GCL sadly, aiming to get it once I can afford a new laptop so generally listen to the Preds radio provided on the site as long videos cause my pc to crash .. what about you? Uni at the moment means less late nights unfortunately so usually I'm catching up the following morning. Thats awesome, Im hoping they do the same thing in London again soon, bet the ticket prices were ridiculous. I do want to experience it though, must be incredible.

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