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02-28-2012, 08:01 AM
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Originally Posted by artilector View Post
Asking whether I personally would've made those trades is pretty irrelevant because, among other things, I would've probably sold off Green, which should tell you what I think about highly paid offensive defensemen that are prone to making blunders on defense. But hey, the Caps seem to be holding on to Green just fine, so that tells me at least some NHL GMs can be quite fond of players that I'd run away from. Incidentally, the other trades I can see myself making no problem if I were the GM of certain teams.

As far as making inferences based on other deals, nobody says it's an exact science, but it's certainly supporting evidence. Kaberle got a 1st + very good prospect (+ conditional). In a seller's market, after a very good offensive year, I don't see how Wideman would be worth so much less so as to get not even half of that.
I would look to move Green too....and not because I think he stinks. Ive said this for over a year.....he makes too much for a guy that plays like he does in his own end. I dont think he has improved that part of his game as much as others. Add to that...actually more importantly is, he makes some really bad decisions with the puck....the same type of bad decisions that he made when he was a younger player....I just dont thik he is that smart a hockey player (at least to warrant his salary)

At the same deadline that Kaberle returned that (last year) Wideman returned a 3rd and a throw away prospect...that was 1 year ago. Now he is worth a kings ransom? Wideman isnt showing anything new this season that teams havent seen over his career (spanning 4 teams). Kaberle was always seen as more a complete player and a legit #1 dman. Wideman is not that and isnt viewed that way...even today.

As good a season (points wise) as he is having he still isnt at his career best in G, A, or points. He is the smae player he was last season when he returned far less than people are saying he could have brought in this season. Not to mention he is a UFA now...last season, when he was much cheaper on the trade market he still had another year on his contract.

last season he had 9-24-33 when traded
this season he has 10-28-38 at deadline

His +/- isnt as terrible this season as last but thats irrelevant. Teams are well aware of what he brings in the D zone....and its not good

I just dont see how people think he is worth soooo much more one year later.

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