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02-28-2012, 09:39 AM
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OP, we're going to act like there isn't a reason why DC has five professional sports teams and Baltimore has two? We're going to just consign that reality to happenstance? The DC metro area (all teams actually represent metro areas), is twice as big as Baltimore's, the area is SIGNIFICANTLY more affluent, prestigious, important nationally and internationally, attractive to owners/patrons and is much more of a destination city than Baltimore allowing for potential supplementary gate sales from people visiting the city taking in a game at one of the sporting venues. If Baltimore held more appeal than DC to owners of these teams, over the last 50 or 60 years you likely would have seen one of these teams relocate there. They haven't and literally none of them are even considering doing so.

@BrooklynCaps: These things are subjective so I won't really quibble with your opinion on the city, but objectivally speaking, DC has TONS of things going for it that have contributed to it being one of the two fastest growing major cities in the US over the last decade (the metro area is BOOMING as well). Obviously it's an EXTREMELY important city/metro area, it's extremely affluent, very underrated culturally, world class performance arts (Kennedy Center/Lincoln Theater/Folgers theater etc), world class museums and world famous, iconic buildings and structures (National Cathedral, Kennedy Center, White House etc.) some of the most important and prestigious employment opportunities in the country, tons of entertainment options, I could literally go on and on.

I had the opportunity to move to some of the premier cities in the country (San Fran, Chicago, NYC etc) thanks to the hard work I put in through college and law school, and I decided to stay in DC because (imo of course), it definitely does not suck. I truly love it here.

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