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02-28-2012, 11:10 AM
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Originally Posted by mbowman View Post
USA hockey, maybe. But since he's playing in Canada, the point is moot. It's allowed in Hockey Canada amateur leagues, even the non-contact ones.

I see the points made above, and I don't disagree. But diving for the puck to stop a breakaway is a part of the game. I've done it, and I never played anything close to competitive hockey. I maintain that if he'd been hurt, it would've been a fluke injury, which is possible in any part of the game. Maybe, given the circumstances, you should have let up, but I don't see any problem at all with the play itself.
There's a difference between jostling someone and laying out and taking out his feet. If someone slid into my feet like it was game 7 of the SCF and broke my ankle in a beer league tilt, I'd be ripped. Don't be a plug, outskate him and make a play on his stick or the puck.

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