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02-28-2012, 11:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Droid6 View Post
I've cut down composite sticks with a steak knife. Just a note to anybody reducing the length of their stick there will be an adjustment period in some ways. Stick-handling especially in tight should instantly feel better and you may even feel like your stick is in a more natural position for catching passes and reaching out to deflect or steal passes. The adjustment will be in taking shots, mostly slapshots. You will have to bend in the knees a little more to get into a shot but don't give up if you go out there and whiff on your slapshot your first time out like I did because now that I've adjusted my slapshot is more powerful because I get so much more push into it from getting low in my shots.
THIS. The first time out with the shorter stick I whiffed so bad on the shot that I ended up on my back.

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