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02-28-2012, 11:23 AM
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Originally Posted by missthenet View Post
I've been a long time habs fan but today is a sad day for me after seeing Hal Gills interview about AK. 5 years ago we had a top rated farm team and prospect pool and today we are back to the Houle Tremblay era and looks to me like a long way to get back to where we were. I have little or no faith in the current management team and the with the press and their epectations of habs players I can't see how it will ever get any better.
I'm with on that, 42 yrs a habs fan, seen the best of habs teams, i'll go as far as to say, iv'e seen the best hockey team ever ,in the history of the sport.
No team will ever come close to the habs of the 70's, back then we had 50 goal scorers sitting outgames in the playoffs because there was no room in the lineup.

Scotty knew what he was doing, always balanced lines, guys doing their jobs. He always got the most of every player. He moved players in and out of the lineup based on who they were playing. Didn't always play the best player, more like, played the man for the job.

They was a saying back in the 70's , the russians are like a well oiled machine, i
always thought that it applied to the montreal canadians moreso than the russians.

The habs show'em all, back then

I have to credit, Boston, NYI and the Oilers, teams that came close to being like the
You will never see a team like they had , again in this sport

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