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02-28-2012, 11:26 AM
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Originally Posted by msv957 View Post
That was a boring game last night. However, a win is a win......
However, It sure has made hockey not as exciting to watch. The late 80's and early 90's is when hockey was at its best. End to end rushes, wide open systems with skill level and creativity on display, fights, intimidation and intensity. I wish the league would get back to that style of play.
Agree 100%.

And the quickest way to return to that style of play, is to go back to "realisticly-sized" goalie equipment designed to protect the goalie, not designed to keep the puck out of the net.

And no, that's NOT a backhanded insult on Lundqvist, as we're now past the tipping point where I'd say more than 50% of NHL goalies all wear the gigantic equipment. It's bull***. Here's a picture of Ranger great Beezer, looking like a normal human being (is that a 5-hole I see? Wow, I remember those!). AMAZING how he didnt get injured every game!!! This is the #1 change that could be affected to improve the game, but it's NOT going to happen, because since more than 1/2 the GM's now employ "goaliebeasts", they're not going to vote to weaken their team.

Originally Posted by Mio41 View Post
Boulton has lost every fight he's been in this year..
I hate having Boulton in the lineup, and wished someone claimed him off waivers, but facts are facts, and Boulton wins most of his fights. has him at 5-2 this year in his 7 fights.

Originally Posted by NHRangerfan View Post
Clarkson isn't getting a Mensa invite anytime soon.
Crack is wack. I have no idea WTH he was thinking last night. I know he get's pumped to play the Rangers and has said so, but last night he was like a 13 year old kid on a Ritalin overdose.

Originally Posted by cj225 View Post
pathetic game by Clarkson and personally I hope he gets suspended for a game
Okay, lets not get all cray-cray, definitely not NHL suspension worthy.

Originally Posted by Lion Hound View Post
Clarkson is a great fighter. I wont take that away from him. However, he picks and chooses his battles. Id like to see him go with Lucic, or Prust or Clowe even.
He has fought some heavyweights the last few years, but you have to consider he's only 6'1" and 200 pounds, not 6'"4 and 235. But more than that, the guy's on pace for a 32 goal season. He's NOT a guy the Devils want getting involved in a fight or two every game and missing 5 to 10 minutes of gameplay every night (or 19 minutes like last night).

Originally Posted by Lion Hound View Post
Janssens, Boulton.

Most teams don't even employ a goon now, Devils have 2.
And they would be better with ZERO. The 4th line has lost probably 1/3 of the Devils games losses this season singlehandedly. For the life of me, I dont understand why they dont call up one of the better AHL guys (Zharkov) and give them the minutes. CJ and EB in the lineup at the same time results in one or two goals against PER night = disaster.

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