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02-28-2012, 12:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Brave Sir Robin View Post
Either way I doubt that Hammer can handle heavy minutes alongside Green. He's really competing with Orlov for the #6 spot.
Let's say given the odd night off, I think he can handle it, but not for the entire season. No need with all the kids around. He isn't going to be a PP guy, not that we get PP's worth nothing, but we do have the PKers in Alzner and Sarge. That could or should help keep his minutes reasonable. But its a non issue right now. That's right, make no mistake, Sarge and Green are back!

Green has been rebuilt, Sarge has been reprogrammed.

A game or two ago, I even saw Sarge fly over and battle for the puck near Green in the RW corner. Camping in front watching Green double teamed may be a thing of the past. Green said he feels better than he expected. Our team changed a lot in the past two weeks from those two exiting the laboratory.

I don't know who mandated Sarge go back to school, Dale or maybe the system itself did. But I think its JJ that is going to be getting some praise about his rapid turn around.

Sarge is a new player. This is huge folks, you wanted a new 1LD, and you just acquired him. He actually looks confident, assertive, hustling and aggressive for the first time EVER. I sure wish we had this Sarge in playoffs past instead of uncharacteristically and instantly divulging his said injuries and seating him for the duration. Whoever was in charge of his development previously, fumbled the puck.

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