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02-28-2012, 12:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Qui Gon Dave View Post
Which uni are you at?

Word of advice, if you want to play goalie in street hockey, if you make your own pads, it's best to be on the safe side and over-pad yourself rather than the alternative. Ouch. Not played goal for over a decade as a result but have broken a goalies throat protector with a shot and a couple months ago, took a goalies helmet clean off his head at roller with a slapshot to the cage

Also, don't play street hockey near parked cars or windows. Because, erm... because nothing, I didn't do anything. It was already like that

I'm not a fighter either. Never fought in about 14 years of playing. I did piss one guy off (by checking him cleanly) so much though that he headbutted me.

I wear a full face cage.


Sounds brutal, but very appealing for that reason. People say football is a weak sport and I wholeheartedly agree but as a goalie its very different. Used to have bleed a lot from the nose /mouth/head area from close range saves or diving at peoples feet etc. Have a lot of scars on my body as well surprisingly.

Haha what a moron! I'm more of an agitator in sports, wind them up and let my team deal with it

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