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Originally Posted by BuddyMcCormick View Post

I've always wondered... Let's say we strike out on Suter. Yes, I know, this is only in the realm of imagination. Do we go for 2 Defensemen that may not be as good? Just so it's clear as to what I'm suggesting:
Suter's a 10 that we would have to give $8/year to, if that falls through do we grab two 6-8's that we would have to pay $4-5/yr for?

Our defense might not have as much "potential" or have a higher ceiling but there my be more consistency with getting 2 good players rather than 1 great player. Of course, this is all in theory if we miss out on Suter which will all know won't happen.
I wouldn't be opposed to signing one d-man for 3-5M on a 3-4 year deal when we miss out on Suter. The 2nd guy should be a depth guy either way, whether or not it would be even a 1-way contract would be debatable. We need improvement, can't expect anything from Brodin.

Originally Posted by squidz View Post
No team should ever have 23 AHL players on their roster. Ever. At no point is that a good idea. Houston has and will continue to have at least 5 players of their own on the roster, and it's more likely to be at least 7.

You left off Bouchard from the NHL roster. If he's not good to go, we'll carry 22 NHL players instead of 23 (if we were ever intending to carry 23 players in the first place, we usually carry 21-22 and only have 1-2 scratches).

You don't list Hackett who is under contract and will be either in the NHL or AHL. Assume for the moment he's in Houston.

You left off Krupp, who may continue to rot in Europe, but could play in Houston as well.

So that means we have 13 AHL players (9 + Phillips/Larsson/Bulmer + Hackett) need 5-7 more and have 13 (14 if Brodin plays) NHL players needing 10 (9 if Brodin plays) more. As we're at 27 (28 if Brodin plays) contracts, that will be an additional 15-17 spots, which brings us to 45/50. That's 5 open contract spots. Last season, the largest number of open contract spots at the point listed out to was 46/50 in Chicago. That's to say that we're currently sitting at fewer contracts than the team that had the fewest last year.
We had 20+ guys signed to play in Houston at the start of this season. Though I do agree, contracts aren't a problem. Not with all the expiring ones.

11-12 AHL listing(22-25 depending on who you count)
F - Rau, Almond, Disalvatore, Ortmeyer, Peters, McMillan, McIntyre, Foucault, Fontaine, Kassian, Broda, Wellman, Palmer, Taffe
D - Bagnall, Prosser, Penner, Cuma, Genoway, Medvec, (Fredheim/Scandella)
G - Hackett, Endras/Kuemper

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