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02-28-2012, 12:08 PM
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If you're going to play hockey you need to be prepared to take the odd bump.

You dove and you got puck first. That's a good hockey play. Typically when I'm playing unorganized hockey with a group of guys like that I'll backcheck, but I won't dive. Depending on who the guy is I might lay off the gas altogether and give him a chance to take a shot or make a move, or I might skate up to him and try to tie up his stick. If he's slow enough for me to catch I'll get beside him and try to force him to one side without hitting him (possibly leaning on his body a little bit as I try to steal the puck).

I don't see anything wrong with what you did. I wouldn't have done it myself, but it's a play that happens. The important thing is that nobody got hurt, and that you apologized for the play. At this point he's just being a bit of a baby.

The only thing I'll really harp on guys about when playing like that are the guys who take long shifts, the guys who selectively pass the puck to their buddies, and the guys who intentionally go for dirty plays/penalties to stop you. We have this one guy who does all three... he's an older guy and a solid player, but a little slow. He flips out every time you don't give him a pass (despite standing perfectly still on the blueline) but in return only passes to his friends and takes extra-long shifts. If he's on D and you get past him he'll just grab you by the jersey every time to slow you down.

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