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02-28-2012, 12:38 PM
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Originally Posted by kurt83 View Post
So I have decided to start playing ice hockey and I am honing my skating and stick handling skills as I already knew both (from roller with friends) but am transitioning to ice. My problem is that I was born with club feet and after corrective surgeries I have a high arch, and a tall, wide foot. Does anyone else here have/had club feet and found skates that do not cause pain? I have pretty much accepted the fact that ice skates are going to hurt but I was wondering if someone else out there had found something I haven't. I have poor circulation already so when I tie my skates tight it gets pretty bad and causes pain. I'm guessing it's because there isn't a deep enough boot out there but just curious as to what others thought. O and BTW I currently have RBK 6k's.

Sorry not trying to beat a dead horse but I see this as a unique situation. And since I am in college I really can't afford custom skates, at least for right now.
Have you tried on some CCMs? While I have no experience with club feet, I have a high enough instep that I can't fit in Bauer Vapors or other shallow skates. I found CCMs to be the deepest. Currently skating in U+ 06s and they're super comfortable.

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