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Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
Bourque is nowhere near as good as Cammalleri, and short-term variations in production do not change that. Nevermind the, frankly, foolishness on judging a player by the sole metrics of goals and points (oh, and I'm sorry, also inches and pounds).

In many ways Bourque is the Andrei Kostitsyn replacement. The two players seem to be of a similar caliber, more or less. Is AK as good as Cammy?

I understand where the obsession with free cap space comes from, but it has to be kept into perspective. It's not that cost-efficiency isn't valuable, of course, but at the same time, unused cap space provides no immediate value whatsoever. The cap keeps raising to the point where it is much less of a limiting factor than it used to be, vis-a-vis availability of talent (and team budget for teams that aren't the Habs and their ilk).
Bourque has more points than Cammy over the last two years and a half, but has a lower ppg ratio (0.62 vs 0.68). Cammy is on pace for his first season with more than 67 games since 2009. Good for him!

I personally do not mind trading 0.06 ppg for 3M$ cap space and a 2nd round in the 2013 draft. Considering that the Habs were terrible with Cammalleri, I can't say that his presence was crucial to the team's success.

Unused cap space provides no immediate value, but it allows to buy UFAs in the summer. That unused cap space might land Parise. If it doesn't, it might land next year's big UFA, or it can be filled via trades. ''Immediate value'' is overrated. I'd rather have unused cap space than the immediate value provided by Gionta or Kaberle...

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