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02-28-2012, 01:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Hey Matty B View Post
Is this something people in general seem to agree with? (I've missed most of the last half dozen games or so, and didn't notice Schultz at all during the couple of games I did get to watch.) If Schultz really is effectively using his size and playing with confidence, that could definitely be a huge deal.

His TOI has been bumped up that past 6 games, IIRC, so you missed his big debut. I have seen him out late in games protecting a lead lately, not 2 weeks ago though.

George agrees with me, and I hope others here do. George said just yesterday that he thinks this recent stretch from Sarge is the best he has ever looked in his career.

Locker the other day said he loved seeing Sarge taking a cross checking penalty. I agreed. He is hustling all over the place. It's not perfect yet but he is not waiting for the play to come to him, he is challenging opponents like never before.

I think some here may be allergic to crow pudding and won't say he looks good because two weeks ago wanted him moved for a 3rd, anything. It is early in his debut as an aggressive man LD and it may not work out. But I don't mind mistakes when I see guys giving their all.

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