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Originally Posted by ACC1224 View Post
What is the Leagues perception of these Players?
Originally Posted by PresidentCamacho View Post
I think he means in general, the consensus opinion of Leafs fans towards their prospects is quite different than the league's perception.

Colborne is Joe Thornton 2.0.
Kadri is Claude Giroux 2.0.
Gardiner is Duncan Keith 2.0.
Biggs is David Backes 2.0.
Percy is Duncan Keith 3.0

etc. etc.

I like Blacker, though. Could be a decent Colaicovo 2.0.
Outsiders point of view and I agree thats different then mosts perception, a lot of leaf fans have the leaf prospects so pumped up on TSN that they end up getting pretty overrated compared to most fan bases.

Colborne wont be as good as Thornton, but I like him more then Kadri. Kadri to me is looking more and more like he is going to be a PP specialist type of player and fairly one dimensional. I still think he can put up 60ish points but I would compare his career path to something like a better Hudler.

Gardiner is playing great, but a lot of fans forget Aulie was playing amazing and on the top pairing last year for the leafs and hes not even a part of the organization anymore. Gardiners got upside but I think skipping the minors is going to leave him having some growing pains in the next couple years. I'm not a fan of dmen skipping the minors.

Thats just an opinion though, theyre like *******s everyone has one but thats an outsider point of view for you guys to have at least

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