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Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
well, since in the league they missed the PO as many times as the Habs (I think it's 6X for them and 5X for us or something), considering their first few years they had a roster filled with other teams reject that's pretty good...
I am not trying to discredit Nashville's success as a hockey club, rather point out the irony of people giving them such high acclaim.

and as for their UFA (not counting Weber / Suter as they're still with the Preds), Hamuis aside they didnt lose many... the others like Hartnell (for a 1st) and Upshall (Forsberg trade) were traded not lost trough UFA...
They lost Hamhuis. They lost Radulov. They will probably lose one of Weber/Suter.

Timonen and Hartnell were both going to be lost to free agency. They traded them before they lost the rights for a draft pick that they had already traded to Philly for Forsberg. You could argue they "got an asset" but a late first (one of which they had already traded) for two excellent players is the type of asset management that would be absolutely trashed on here.

and they drafted GOOD NHLers pretty much every year... most of whom are still NHLers today and some still with the team...
- 7th rounder Martin Erat
- 8th rounder Pekka Rinne
- 4th rounder Jordin Tootoo
- 7th rounder Patric Hornqvist
+ Klein, Weber, Suter, Spaling, Blum, Josi, Wilson, Ellis...
So do the Habs. I really don't think I need to compile a similar list to a bunch of Habs fans.

by the end of this season, since the lock-out, PO missed by Habs -> 2... by the Preds -> 1
Which is pretty much negligible.

Not really, they are doing very well, they do have a great coach, they do have players (most) developped by themselves, they did get a few superstars at the draft, they are already grooming the players who may have to fill for the departure of one of their UFA in the coming years (Weber / Suter)... so yeah it's true, grass isnt always greener elsewhere... but in this particular case, the grass IS greener in Nashville.
They do indeed have a great coach, I would take him any time. But do you honestly for a second believe that he would last as long in Montreal? The same team that has been an utter coach graveyard (mainly due to rabid and demanding fans)?

I don't see any evidence whatsoever to suggest that Nashville's grass is greener. The only thing I see is unrealistic expectations placed on our team, while lenient and kind expectations placed on them.

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