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02-28-2012, 03:06 PM
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Originally Posted by bozak911 View Post
Honestly, the GM bits that I've heard came from; Yzerman, Howson, Burke, and McPhee.

I'm paraphrasing a lot because I can't find the audio.

Yzerman was the one that said yesterday something along the lines of; "The guy we want in goal won't be available until the summer." It was a quick recap of his presser post deadline played on the Power Play on XM Home Ice.

Howson said that he has his eyes on a few goalies that he'd have to trade for in order to get, but that Columbus needs to upgrade to an "all star" calibre goalie, and soon.

Burke also stated that while he has full confidence in his current rotation, that a vast improvement could be "made available" this summer. Scratch Toronto from the list of possibles, because one of their vetting out processes is to make sure that any player they bring in can handle the Fish Bowl.

McPhee was the one that was really confusing. He stated that the goalie that he wanted to bring in was "available" but there were issues surrounding the package and no trades.


Plus... Russo obviously knows something more than he's saying, he just doesn't print "rumors". Seriously, the dude tries to remain objective.

Tampa - Just don't see it. They tore themselves apart for draft picks. Unless we basically give Backstrom away (and I don't see any reason to do that) I can't see Tampa giving up meaningful assets for a 34 year old goalie with their current team.

Columbus - Doesn't make any sense for them, but no one has ever accused them of being well run.

Toronto - I addressed this above, but think a deal could be worked around one of their overpaid (but still very useful) players and an asset.

Washington - They make a lot of sense actually. Vokoun's likely getting walking papers. Neuvirth has been...less than impressive this year. Holtby is likely their future, but could use another season in Hershey. The Caps will likely be losing Semin, but may be adding Kuznetsov. Assuming they're healthy, they should be a good candidate. They could still have the bottom fall out this season or win the lottery with a mediocre finish and end up picking in the top 5. I'm greatly overvaluing Backstrom when I say this but, Backstrom for Colorado's first (assuming it's 10-14 and the Caps finish worse).

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