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02-28-2012, 03:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Kevin Forbes View Post

To compare him to Bob McKenzie (which is a disservice to McKenzie), but if you'll allow: we know McKenzie, we read him in The Hockey News, we watch him on television, we read his articles online and his tweets, he has even participated on these boards. We know about his sons playing hockey, we've seen him interviewing GMs and coaches and players. This all adds up.
The likelihood of McKenzie reporting falsehoods or making things up is extremely low, if not for pure ethics alone, then at least because someone in his 25-30 years of work would have blown the house of cards over. The time he has put in and continues to put in establishes credibility.
I take McKenzie's word as gospel more or less and it was McKenzie who posted on this forum that Eklund does have sources, although it would be difficult for the casual reader to separate the wheat from the chaff. Eklund called the Richards trade before anyone else and Eklund posted a proposal from this very board as a "rumor" on his site, perfectly illustrating what Bob said about him.

That said, who cares? We're not dealing with life and death here, as hard as it is to believe for some. The NHL, like any professional sport, is in the business of entertainment. Eklund is the hockey version of a gossip columnist, somewhere between Weekly World News and The Star. Much BS, but it is harmless BS. If you find him entertaining, fine, he's fulfilled his purpose. If you don't, that's fine, too, don't pay any attention to him and I'm pretty sure it will not have a dramatic effect on your life. I don't understand the animosity that some people harbor towards him. He's not denying the Holocaust, he is making up hockey rumors. Big effin' deal. If no one wanted to read them, his web site would not exist. Apparently, some people do. If they are entertained, so be it. Let them spend their clicks and their money how they choose. It doesn't affect anyone else one iota.

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