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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Three shutouts in a conference finals is an incredible feat. Doesn't matter who is in net, who they are playing, or how the team is playing. There have been TONS of conference finals where one team was severely overmatched, and I'd be willing to bet that the series in Montreal is one of only a few in the history of the NHL that included three shutouts. Your very own logic seems to bolster my feelings on this. It is unfair to ask the skaters to score more when they are already scoring "enough" and it is therefore the goalie's fault they lost. However, it is somehow ok to take away from a goalie who got three shutouts in an ECF because the rest of the team played well.

Hey, I never said (or at least not in two years...) that Leighton was a good goalie. He owes a ton of his success to his team. BECAUSE THIS IS A TEAM GAME. Win as a team. Lose as a team. Very rarely is it one player's fault that a team wins or loses a single game, let alone a series. The Stanley Cup could have been won by the Flyers if THE TEAM PLAYED BETTER. But they didn't. So they lost. Goalies played poorly. 1/3 of the defense played poorly. And our best scorers played poorly.
The team was so much better than Montreal that anybody could have been in net. Leighton flat out wasn't challenged, except in one game...and he lost. Most of the shots he faced were easy perimeter shots. That series was an awesome mismatch.

And, sorry, but the team played good enough in the SCF. All they needed was some saves from their goalie and they didn't get them. Asking the team to do more is absurd, they did everything they could and were let down by their goaltending.

Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Haha. He does have a point though. This has been a two-plus season long argument...
Careful, or you'll be sleeping on the couch tonight.

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