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01-30-2006, 07:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Yureeka47
Hello! Im embarassed to admit, but im almost 19 years old and I can't skate. I'm about to start going to the rink routinely to practice. But before i just randomly glide around holding on to the side of the boards, are there any tips out there that can help me learn quicker?

Also, is it a fair statement to say if I learn how to roller blade well, I will be able to skate just as well? (easier to rollerblade down the road or in a park than driving to a rink and following their schedule rather than mine).

This is a thread I made a while back, asking how soon from starting, it takes to get playing hockey. I know exactly what you feel like.

Now, I posted this back in november. At that stage I had taken a pre-alpha skating class (which teaches from the point of never having been on the ice, so I recommend that) and been to the rink a couple of times a week. I am also still taking lessons, they do alpha, beta etc up to advanced. And it was just on saturday morning that I felt something click, and it was such a good feeling. I had just about got the right foot over left crossovers down, but doing left to right felt like writing with the wrong hand or something.

But this weekend everything sort of clicked, so I am feeling better on my skates, and am going to start stick and puck soon.

Practice is your best friend with this. I also have started rollerblading in the park and its helping me. I do not try to do any sort of stops apart from using the break (I have fitness skates not roller hockey skates) because the techniques are different. But for striding and crossovers, I think it has helped me.

Get on the ice as much as you can, and roller blade as much as you can, just to get used to the feeling of balancing on an edge, rather than the whole foot support you get with your shoes.

And don't be embarrassed. I am 28 and only learning, better late than never. I hope to be in a beginner hockey class by the fall, that gives me 6 more months to improve skating, and get to stick and pucks and pick up, so will be ready for it.

Good luck, and enjoy

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