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11-13-2003, 12:04 PM
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There's a difference between whining (a la Joe Thornton) and criticising - as my post was intended.

I am not advocating that we turn the entire team over to rookies. All I am saying is, if they are here and out-performing veterans, then play them. If there are kids on the farm who are out-performing veterans on the big club, then bring them up.

If they do good, the team will benefit. If they don't, where's the harm? We're a lousy team to begin with so I can't see that we'd be any better off without than with them.

Fleury's situation in Pittsburgh is extreme; nothing like that is necessary here. If it wasn't for him, Pittsburgh wouldn't have won any games so far this season. There's no conditions like that here for any rookie so if they have trouble with the pressure, they can be platooned, rested or otherwise buffered from the tigers until they catch it by the tail.

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