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02-28-2012, 04:46 PM
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these threads always make me want to scream... not because im in love with eklund or anything. i dont pay for rumors {or inside sources} so i never read him...

but in general what do all you knuckleheads expect reguarding rumors {and inside sources}

the simple reality is the NHL has anti-tampering rules so even if a real nhl gm/owner wanted to say he was interested in some player under contract HE IS NOT ALLOWED TOO!!!!

so all we might ever get is leaks that maybe someone is available {and only if it serves a purpose} or report a trade is awaiting conformation {like if a medical might be involved or something} or report that a guy has been asked to waive a NTC {if the agent or player or someone wants to leak it)

i mean we`ve all seen a trade get leaked... or two.. or three... but ive seen idiots like me guess 1 or 2 or 3 trades too

ultimately at the end of the day, most of us can logically figure out a team`s needs... and we can figure out who a gm is probably hoping to trade for... and ho they probably are willing to give up

i have NO DOUBT at all eklund has way more legitimate sources then i do.. or then 99.999% of the posters here do... but he doesnt actually get to know trades before they happen cause thats ILLEGLE and any `source`that was giving him that info would be breaking the laws.

so if we get èntertainment`from eklund or rumor people like him... then enjoy the entertainment but DONT EXPECT ACCURATE REPORTS OF UPCOMING TRADES

and as for the other sources like tsn and sportsnet... they are news sources wanting to he the first place to give us news. and they are entertainment sources wanting to generate ad revenues by having a huge audience.

so you will get some `specualation`on their show to fill air time... and i personally enjoy it. but you will also have them trying to get the announcements of trades before they get released to the general public.

if you have to know everything 3 mins before the rest of the world... i guess thats good. so enjoy it

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