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02-28-2012, 05:55 PM
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He makes hundreds, if not thousands, of rumours every year, makes sure they're relatively ambiguous but not too general (i.e. name 3/4 teams that are "in" for a player or a specific kind of) and sees what sticks. He also makes sure to tweet a trade soon after a legit source does so to give the impression to those that are more naive that he had sources as well.

He didn't even bother calling on the trade that everyone who knew anything saw coming - Zidilcky to Devils. Only one of hockeybuzz' bloggers made a passing mention about him, among other PMD's, being a potential fit. Goes to show how much he actually knows about the league and players.

He has as much credibility as a street prophet - none. There's no journalism in copy and pasting someone else's words and taking hundreds of wild guesses.

I wouldn't be writing any of this is Eklund wasn't considered a legitimate source in this forum - and I think that's the only reason why people bother calling him fraud and backing it up, else he's just another random commando that no one cares about. The fact that he's (de jure) recognized here is probably a big reason why he still keeps up with his deplorable activities.

Might as well make all educated HF posters "sources" because I'd sooner trust them than Eklund.

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