Thread: Eklund Rumor: 2012 Eklund Rumor Hit Percentage ?
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02-28-2012, 05:02 PM
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Originally Posted by VinnyC View Post
He makes hundreds, if not thousands, of rumours every year, makes sure they're relatively ambiguous but not too general (i.e. name 3/4 teams that are "in" for a player or a specific kind of) and sees what sticks. He also makes sure to tweet a trade soon after a legit source does so to give the impression to those that are more naive that he had sources as well.
isn't that kind of how trade talks work though? do you think only the team that acquires a player has expressed interest? Its not unreasonable to think that if a useful player is available that the majority of GMs have inquired about the cost of said player. Hell its not even unreasonable to think that most teams inquire about good players that aren't available.

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