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02-28-2012, 05:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Lemons View Post
This guy should stop writing now.

We failed. Gainey's plan, our new acquisitions, our experiment or whatever you want to call it. Thats because management has always put faith in this team to put up a perennial competing team. Things did not pan out. At least management have come to accept it. We traded away UFAs to the best of our abilities (AK, Gill). We KNOW we're a cellar team and the frustration that is going to build up in the locker room and on the ice. With that into account, getting a physical fighter helps on two things.

1) Ease the players frustration and give/build morale when a player fights for them.

2) Appease the crowd on a team not bound for the playoffs.

Our future is bright. Beaulieu, Tinordi, Gallagher, Patches, PRice, PK, Eller are great pieces to push the franchise into the future. All we are missing is a superstar potential player (Grigorenko/Yakupov)

Shut the **** up Red Fisher. Habs are not going to win while you're alive, sorry to break it to you.

I agree with you. I respect what Red Fisher has meant to Montreal hockey journalism historically but I'm tired of the negative journalism. No ****, Sherlock. Things haven't worked part, because we kept thinking we were one player away from a cup contender or at other times injuries forced the team into bandaid solutions....consequently depleting our prospect resources (players and picks). Was Red expecting to make a blockbuster deal for Nash and that that would have turned a last place Eastern conference team into a cup contender? At some point, you have to accept that we have to do more and that can only come with the patience of seeing a draft or two through again, as well as a summer of free agency.
I appreciate how some think we are a centre and a defenseman away from contending from the cup. I think that's just the start. Likely, we are that and quality depth players away from contention.....just in case, injuries that we don't start selling off resources if we hit a few bumps along the way.
I'm just tired of this negative journalism because I think it tells most Canadiens fans little we do not already know and maybe even B.S.'s us a bit too. It just serves to create an atmosphere that players don't want to play in. Compare comments about Montreal vs. Nashville from ex-Habs.
Can anything positive come out of this year from journalists even if the on-ice product has not produced many?

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