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02-28-2012, 07:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
There was a time during the dead puck era when the OHL game was at least as entertaining as the NHL game. This was a time when you could jump on a guy's back and there wasn't a holding penalty. Not so now. Since 2005 when the OHL sanitized their game it has become unwatchable. Its a shame too, because this is where the players hone their skills for the NHL. The junior players are going to be hit like a shovel when they hit the NHL and a 6'4" defenseman goes up against them.

Branch is without a doubt the worst thing to happen to hockey since Alan Eagleson. Why he gets so much power is beyond me. This is a guy who has had a hidden agenda from day one to remove fighting. Well, it isn't hidden, the guy has said so in interviews. If you think these little rodents that run around the ice knowing that no one will touch them with the instigator penalty then imagine how the Maxim Lapierre's of the OHL will react when there is no fighting at all. Big mistake if they do it, and they won't because there is no way the owners will let it happen.

Bob Nicholson, what a sell out too. He says on behalf of "Canadian Hockey" we want to end fighting. Uh, you think if the junior team you picked this year was a little more masculine that we would have been clobbered by the Russians in our own barn?

Get these clowns out of here. Their opinions alone ruin the game
Nicholson has pretty much showed his cards not too long ago when he said the futur for hockey in Canada was with the women playing hockey. That's the great thinker that runs Hockey Canada right now.

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