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Originally Posted by NRG87 View Post
LOL...let's just say you're not going to win any logic contests anytime soon.

The fact that Savard would have drafted Brule, while certainly a bad move, isn't enough to disprove my belief that Savard is a better asset manager than Gainey. Savard brought in Timmins to head junior scouting and the draft, which is possibly the best move he made as Habs GM. Since then, the Habs probably draft more NHLers than any other team (even if they often end up with other teams).

And you know for a fact that Savard wanted Brule? You were at the draft table? I wasn't there, but I've also heard that Bourdon (RIP) would have been Savard's pick.

While Price is a very solid goalie, picking a goalie with a top 5 pick is not a particularly good asset management move. Look at the number 1s around the league. How many were top 10 picks? Where were Rinne and Lundqvist drafted? My point is that you're just as likely to find a good NHL goaltender in early rounds as you are in later rounds, since they aren't developed enough at 18 to know how they project as professionals.

Gainey is unquestionably a good leader. He just wasn't a very good asset manager or GM.
Sure Savard brought Timmins in and Gainey kept him. What's your point?

It's funny that you asked if I was at the table. Were you? You heard Bourdon and believed it probably because you trusted the source, same for me. What's your point?

Math is not how you run a business. Yes, you need math but math alone will not get you anywhere.

I am not saying Gainey was the best asset manager, I am saying Savard, although he did a few moves, can't be remember for much other then finding Timmins.

As for the Price selection being a bad asset management, that a great point of view for a GM assistant. Is it true? Maybe. But Price was still the guy to pick. Of course, it's always easier afterwards to say what was right or not... Did he try to move down, who knows. But we do know that he had the balls to follow his gut, and that is key in management.


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