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Originally Posted by JohnLennon View Post
The NHL is not the same anymore. There will no longer be such thing as a dynasty. The league is full of parity, and any team can do anything during any season. And I like it more like that.

I'm tired of veteran Habs fans complaining about how bad the Habs are and blaming it all on management like we should somehow just grow a superstar or two out of the garden in our backyard and be consistent Cup champs. Nothing works like that anymore.

The only team even close to being called a dynasty is the Detroit Red Wings, and even they don't get as far in the playoffs consistently as a real dynasty would. The NHL is different, live with it. It isn't just management's fault anymore, it is so much more.
Nobody's expecting a dynasty. How old are you man? Are you old enough to remember those clubs of the 80s? They were post dynasty clubs that were tough to play against. When you stepped into the Forum it was OUR house. That feeling just doesn't exist anymore. Ribeiro scores and does a little shuffle and it's all a big joke. That just doesn't happen with the clubs we used to have.

Ribeiro would've been pounded into dust, if not by fists then by hits every time he got near the boards. That club would've made it their personal mission to destroy the Stars on that night. There was a feeling of character on those clubs and while we weren't super highly skilled, we had enough that we could score. The club knew how to win and it was respected across the league. That's just long gone now.

Of course you'll try to paint it as Dynasty or Bust... nobody is expecting us to go get Lafleur, Dryden and co. But we can do a hell of a lot better than we have. You can apologize for management all you want but they've done a crap job for a decade and a half. And before you come back with the pathetic... 'but we made it to the Conference finals once and had one season where we were in 1st place'... just save it. There is nothing to crow about when you have one season that sticks out like a sore thumb and a playoff run where we shouldn't have been in the playoffs in the first place.
Originally Posted by Perrah View Post
What else could he sign in september?
Why the hell was he doing looking for a blueliner... IN SEPTEMBER??????
Originally Posted by Perrah View Post
It was desperation for a bad situation. PG should be blamed for what has happened but the fact that this guy uses the trade deadline to vent or prove his point is stupid.
Exactly, it was a desperate move. And why was it desperate? Because the guy was an idiot and couldn't see that Markov was an injury risk. So... he waits until we find out that Markov is very predictably hurt and then desperately goes out on a last minute a knee jerk reactive panic search and gives a guy without a freakin' job on the eve of the season a raise to come here.

Then... he compounds this stupidity with another reactive panic move and ties us to TK even though we're already looking like we're going to miss the playoffs.


Originally Posted by Perrah View Post
He called them losers and said no one wants any of their players. It is like he is venting about a **** season and decides to use this to prove his point which he didnt need to do because there is plenty of supporting evidence for PG to be fired. Even if RC wasnt thrown under the bus he wouldnt be back because he cant coach at the NHL level. Accountability for vets and a forecheck that is all he has changed.
Dude... we're in last place. We ARE losers. And nobody wanted our players at the deadline. That's just plain true. We had guys we wanted to sell but they're a bunch of losers so nobody wanted them. Seriously... who wants Campioli, Gomez or Kaberle? Nobody.

Originally Posted by Perrah View Post
There is a solid foundation they just need to get a superstar (not easy) and more d depth since the prospects are still a few years away.
There is wishful thinking not a solid foundation. We have three players that we can count on for the future and that's it. We're not one player away man. We have some decent prospects but we're not the Oilers. And we just placed 28th in HF... are they a bunch of 'haters' too? Seriously man open your eyes. We've got some okay prospects but so does every other team out there.

You need to go back and read this article again with an open mind. Yes, it's a rant but there's a lot more truth to it than you're willing to admit.

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