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02-28-2012, 09:01 PM
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Originally Posted by JohnLennon View Post
The NHL is not the same anymore. There will no longer be such thing as a dynasty. The league is full of parity, and any team can do anything during any season. And I like it more like that.

I'm tired of veteran Habs fans complaining about how bad the Habs are and blaming it all on management like we should somehow just grow a superstar or two out of the garden in our backyard and be consistent Cup champs. Nothing works like that anymore.

The only team even close to being called a dynasty is the Detroit Red Wings, and even they don't get as far in the playoffs consistently as a real dynasty would. The NHL is different, live with it. It isn't just management's fault anymore, it is so much more.
Of course the league is different. But does that excuse the Gomez trade or not negotiating contracts during the season? What about hiring an anglo coach and then apologizing to the fans for it. Or trading good young players for nothing. NONE OF THAT has to do with the "new NHL". I'm also tired of people making excuses for this piss poor management.

Hab fans want a competitive team. I see nothing wrong with wanting a team to actually improve from fighting for 8th every year.

I don't see the Steelers, Lakers, Yankees talking about "times have changed". What do these teams have in common? Solid management where winning is all that matters.

I don't think I've been more embarassed as a fan. Fail all around. 3rd worst record in the NHL. bottom 5 farm team. One of the highest payrolls in the league

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